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Quimeras Software Company is specialized in security tools and products for Windows NT/2000/XP. Our products are used all over the world by hundreds of companies. All our products are available as fully functional versions for download. After the trial time is expired you will need to acquire a license to remove time and users restrictions.

Product: New TqcRunas 2012.1 Edition
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/
Short Description: The power of RUNAS made scriptable, easy and secure. Now supporting Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms.

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TqcRunas makes possible to execute runas commands from a strongly encrypted file where all the needed specifications are stored, allowing administrators to launch runas commands from scripts in an easy and secure way.

New features in TqcRunas 2012.1 Edition include:

  • The GUI of TqcRunas is now a document oriented interface.
  • TqcRunas documents (.tqc files) can be edited by it's creator.
  • Ability to use the current logged on user's registry profile in the executed application.
  • Mapped drives and printers in the current logged on user session will be automatically mapped and available in the executed program.
  • Many settings have been included to control the behavior of the executed program.
  • Ability to use digital certificates to double encrypt the runas settings.
  • Now is possible to pass arguments to the encrypted file.
  • TqcRunas is now only one module: TqcRunas.exe

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Product: TqcRunas 2002.2 Edition
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/NET
Short Description: Now you can use RunAs in Scripts.

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This utility allows you to include RunAs statements in scripts, since it accept the user password at the command line. Additionally is possible to build an encrypted file for running TqcRunAs without the password being readable. TqcRunas is now available as an ActiveX control.

Nothing needs to be installed, just extract the files, copy them to the folder or share of your choice and use it.

TqcRunas has been successfully used to develop the following massive projects in an inexpensive, simple and effective way:

  • Operative system migration projects.
  • Software deployment and configuration.
  • Patching of applications.
  • Deployment of security packages and patches.
  • Making installation of specific software directly available to users.

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Product: ChangePasswd -
Platform: Windows NT/2000/XP
Short Description: Change the password of any Windows NT/2000 account.

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Change the password of any Windows NT/2000 account.

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Product: Ntsu 3.1
Platform: Windows NT
Short Description: Runas extensions for Window NT.

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NTsu provides "Run as..." extensions to Windows NT 4.0. The "Run as..." functionality is the NT version of the Unix "su" utility. As you must know, "Run as..." is incorporated in Windows 2000 and now, with NTsu, it is possible to add it to Windows NT.

In addition, with NTsu you can open simultaneously more than one interactive sessions on your NT box. Each one of the interactive sessions runs in its own desktop with different user profile and security context.

And more, NTsu gives you the powerful to "Run as" processes (configuration scripts, setup programs, etc) on remote NT computers.

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