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Ntsu  3.1

Platform: Windows NT
Short Description: Runas extensions for Window NT.

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Date: 12/15/2000
Trial Time: 15 days
License Model:
 Per seat
 10€ (1 computer.)
Ntsu Help File

NTsu allows you to run programs under another user account.
That is, you can make your normal work using your regular user account and increase your rights and privileges when you need to perform administrative tasks. You don't need to logoff and re-logon to achieve this, only right click the file to open and select "Run As..." from the context menu, enter the new user's credentials  and Voila!, the program runs under the new user account.

Perhaps you like to work all the time with administrator rights, but you would like to surf the net without such administrator rights, don't worry, use Run as... to run your browser under a unprivileged user account and you will be safe about viruses and Trojans.

NTsu includes Multilogon and Multidesktop capabilities.
With NTsu you can open simultaneously more than one interactive sessions on your NT box. Each one of the interactive sessions runs in its own desktop with different user profile and security context.

Remote execution.
NTsu allows administrators to run programs or scripts remotely on any domain computer.

Command line interface.
NTsu has got a command line interface, therefore you can use it in scripts, shortcuts, etc.

Windows 2000 got it.
As you must know, Windows 2000 comes with this new useful functionality, so why can't you have it in Windows NT 4.0? Installing NTsu is your solution. Perhaps you don't know it, but NTsu exists for a long time before Windows 2000 was born.

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Pricing information:

Product License Type Computers Price
Ntsu  3.1 Company 1 15  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 10 100  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 25 200  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 50 350  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 100 600  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 250 1000  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 500 1500  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company 1000 2500  €
Ntsu  3.1 Company Unlimited 3000  €

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