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New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition

Platform: Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/
Short Description: The power of RUNAS made scriptable, easy and secure. Now supporting Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms.

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Date: 11/23/2011
Trial Time: 15 days
License Model:
 Per seat
 75€ (10 computers, see table below)
New TqcRunas Help File

If you are administering Windows computers you know that administrative privileges are required to install applications and make configuration changes on your computers. As an administrator you would like to call setup programs and configuration routines from your logon/logoff scripts, this way you would automate all your administrative tasks from a centralized point. The pain is that the logon/logoff scripts run under the interactive user account, therefore they cannot perform administrative tasks unless you give all your users administrator rights, obviously this is a security breach you cannot assume.

As you know Windows has a useful utility called RUNAS, using runas is possible to start programs that run with different user credentials and therefore different rights and privileges. This is really a powerful choice to administrators, because it would let them install programs and execute administrative tasks from scripts on Windows client computers. The big problem is that runas asks for the account password interactively, therefore it is not possible to include runas statements in scripts.

That's the reason why a lot of large companies in the world are using TqcRunas. TqcRunas is an inexpensive little program that will let you include runas statements in your scripts in a safe and easy way. And you can do it even from your favorite scripting language!!

TqcRunas provides the following advantages:

  • TqcRunas builds a strongly encrypted file that stores all your specifications to runas a command and to control the process created. Thus you can exactly specify with programs and options your users can run with administrator's privileges without reveal the administrator's password.
  • TqcRunas can improve its security by use of digital certificates to encrypt the TqcRunas settings.
  • You can make use of TqcRunas advantages using the executable module directly or using the provided ActiveX objects.
  • TqcRunas can be easily distributed to your clients computers or they can use them directly from a network share.

Main uses

  • Use TqcRunas to run programs, commands and scripts under a different user account than the logged on user.
  • Use Runas encrypted files to let your users to install or execute specified programs with administrator privileges without giving them administrators rights.
  • Use TqcRunas scriptable objects to use TqcRunas features in your administrative scripts using your favorite scripting language.

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Pricing information:

Product License Type Computers Price
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 10 75  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 25 150  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 50 250  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 100 400  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 250 800  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 500 1200  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 1000 1800  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 1500 2200  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 2000 2500  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company 3000 3000  €
New TqcRunas  2012.1 Edition Company Unlimited 3500  €

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